The following document outlines the Privacy Policy for the The Ivory Feather.


Choosing to shop with The Ivory Feather means you’ve placed a great deal of trust in us. In sharing your personal information, we can tailor your shopping and enhance your experience. We are a small Irish business and we do not share your details with third parties that are not a part of your shopping process.

This Privacy Notice outlines how we use your information and who we need to share it with to complete your shopping process.

This Privacy Notice applies if you shop with The Ivory Feather on our website or if you contact us through email or other means.

We change the terms of this Privacy Notice from time to time and you should check it regularly to stay up to date.

Who we are

We are The Ivory Feather (“we”, “our”, “us”) and operate under the name of The Ivory Feather.

We are responsible for deciding how and why your personal information is used, we are the data “controller” . We’re also responsible for making sure it is kept safe and secure and done so in a legal manner.

We respect your privacy and will treat your information with care. Our Data Protection Officer is Leigh Heritage, you can contact him at [email protected] if you have any questions about your personal information, or how we use it.

Your rights

  • Right of access – You can request the personal information that we hold about you. Please email [email protected] if you would like to complete a right of access request. There are a few different aspects to the right of access under Article 15 GDPR, including certain information, and a copy of your personal data. You have the right to obtain the following from the data controller:
    • Confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed.
    • Where personal data concerning you is being processed, a copy of your personal data.
    • Where personal data concerning you is being processed, other additional information as follows:
      • Purpose(s) of the processing.
      • Categories of personal data.
      • Any recipient(s) of the personal data to whom the personal data has or will be disclosed, in particular recipients in third countries or international organisations and information about appropriate safeguards.
      • The retention period or, if that is not possible, the criteria used to determine the retention period.
      • Where personal data is not collected from the data subject, any available information as to its source.

In some circumstances as per Article 12(5) GDPR you may be charged a fee for this request.

  • Right to rectification – If you think we have incorrect information about you please contact us and we will rectify any mistakes. We may ask for evidence in curtain circumstances.
  • Right to be Forgotten – You can request that we stop processing or delete the personal information we hold about you. Please be aware that this will not prevent us from processing future personal information about you.
  • Right to withdraw Consent – Where we are relying on your consent for processing you can withdraw or change your consent at any time. This should be done by email to [email protected]. Our website uses cookies and in order for us to stop collecting this information you must stop using our website. We would also advise that you delete all your cookies from your browser.

The above rights may be limited in some circumstances, for example, if fulfilling your request would reveal personal information about another person, if you ask us to delete information which we are required to have by law, or if we have compelling legitimate interests to keep it. We will let you know if that is the case and will then only use your information for these purposes. You may also be unable to continue using our services if you want us to stop processing your personal information.

A lot of our products are catered for weddings and information regarding other parties can be required to fulfil orders. We do not take responsibility for unauthorised use of this information that has been provided to us by others. Please ensure that you have permission from the relevant parties before disclosing this personal information to us.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any general questions or want to exercise any of your rights.

We encourage you to get in touch if you have any concerns with how we collect or use your personal information.

The lawful bases we use to process data

We will only ever process your information if we have a lawful basis to do so. The lawful bases we rely on are;

  • Contract –  In order to fulfil a contractual arrangement we have made with you we need to process your information.
  • Consent – This is where we have asked you to provide explicit permission to process your data for a particular purpose. We do this with cookies on our website.
  • Legitimate Interests – This is where we rely on our interests as a reason for processing, generally this is to provide you with the best products and service in the most secure and appropriate way.
  • Legal Obligation – This is where we have a statutory or other legal obligation to process the information, such as for the investigation of crime or to meet responsible lending criteria.

The information we collect and how we use it:

To process any orders that you place with us and to facilitate any returns (Contract)

  • We take payment details to process payment for any credit or debit card orders you place with us. We share these details with our chosen payment processors (for example Stripe or Paypal).
  • We use your account information plus your chosen delivery address details to; deliver your purchases and keep you informed of their status.
  • Our chosen payment processors store your payment card details at your request to speed up your checkout in the future (consent).
  • We use cookies to ensure the best shopping experience for you. 
  • If you request a price-list from us we will use your details to send pricing information. This may be sent in two emails. 

To provide customer service to you (Legitimate interest)

  • We record calls and keep correspondence (customer service records) when you contact us or interact with us on social media. We use these customer service records to manage your queries or complaints effectively, for quality monitoring and to continually improve our services.

To ensure the Website and the services we offer you operate properly (Legitimate Interest)

  • We gather information about the devices you use to access our sites (desktop and mobile) for example your IP address and device type, to ensure the site is secure and works across multiple platforms.
  • We use information for Logistics planning, demand forecasting, management information, dealing with errors on our site, and general research and development.

To fulfil our legal obligations (Legal obligation)

  • We use your data to ensure we comply with any requirements imposed on us by law or court order, including disclosure to law or tax enforcement agencies and authorities or pursuant to legal proceedings.
  • We will share data with regulatory and other official bodies if they make formal requests.
  • We will maintain records to meet regulatory and tax requirements.

How long we keep it for

We keep your personal information as long as you are a customer of ours and generally for seven years afterwards to comply with legal requirements. During that time we take steps to remove any personal data as soon as we no longer need it.

We consider you a customer

  • for 2 years from the point you last made a purchase from our website , or
  • during any time we are managing a customer service request from you.

Third Parties we share data with and receive data from

We work with a number of trusted third parties to provide you high quality goods and services. Anybody we work with is subject to stringent security and data privacy assessments before we begin to do business with them and on an ongoing basis.

We always make efforts to anonymise data and only pass over personal information that is absolutely necessary for the purposes it is being processed. We always do so securely.

We have contracts in place with all suppliers that help us to ensure security and privacy of your personal information, these are reviewed and updated regularly and always in line with data protection laws.

  • Delivery Partners – Helping us to deliver the goods you order to you including our brand partners that dispatch and deliver goods to you directly. We mostly use An Post but occasionally we will use other couriers. We will need to send them your name and address in order for them to ship your order.
  • IT Companies – Supporting us in maintaining our website and other business systems including; data storage facilities, and providing and supporting Cloud based infrastructure used in providing our products and services.
  • Payment processors – Payment card processors to process credit and debit card payments and store payment information. Our website uses Stripe and Revolute and occasionally we may use Paypal.
  • Wedding Planners – If your order has been placed with us through a wedding planner we may share details about your order with them.
  • Custom Printing Equipment – For some orders we need custom printing equipment (for example printing plates) that are made outside of our business and we will share the details of your design with a plate manufacturer. This will include names and wedding venue etc. 

Sending information outside the European Economic Area

Our main operations are based in Ireland and your personal information is generally processed, stored and used within Ireland and other countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Third-party apps, websites and services

If you use any third-party apps, websites or services to access our services, your usage is subject to the relevant third party’s terms and conditions, cookies policy, and privacy notice. For example, if you interact with us on social media, your use is subject to the terms and conditions and privacy notices of the relevant social media platform (Instagram, Facebook etc.)

How you can get in touch

Should you need to contact us in relation to our privacy policy please email to:

[email protected]